4 Season Tents are a must for any serious camper. They can also come in handy for those that are making improvements to their house or simply fumigating. These tents should be able to easily handle strong winds, rain, snow, and even mild hail storms.

Unfortunately, all 4 season tents are not made equally and buyers must be careful when making their purchase. I love hiking and camping and have slept in a tent on more occasions than I can count. I’ve hiked long days with all my gear and know what it feels like to end the day yearning for a good nights sleep.

I made this site as a sort of mini review site on some of my favorite types of tents. I’ll go through my favorite single person tent as well as my favorite 4 person tent and even 10 person tent. Although you might never need to purchase a multitude of tents, it is a good idea to have one tent for solo camping and at least one tent for group camping.

Many people, myself included, make the mistake of buying a single person tent when they make their first purchase. Unfortunately, retailers have a large imagination when it comes to their number of people per tent recommendations.

Unless you are very small, you will find that you usually need to double the max person recommendation to get the proper amount of space. For instance, a two person tent will usually only accommodate one person and a four person tent will usually only comfortably accommodate two people. This is of course assuming that all of the people sleeping in the tent with you are full grown adults.

Great 4 Season Tents

My favorite single person tent is a two person Eureka that I purchased online. This tent has a floor size of 7’5” by 4’11” and only weighs five pounds. The tent sets up in only a few minutes time and in addition to being one of my 4 season tents it is completely leak proof even in heavy rain. It is also quite roomy and can easily accommodate me and a nice size air mattress.

This tent could also be used with another person, but will be a bit cramped if you use an air mattress. If I were to go out camping with only one person again, I’d probably take my four person tent instead.

All in all, the Eureka Apex 2XT is a great tent for single camping sleeping. If your looking to take another person with you, or your family with you, you might want to check out my pages on my 4 person tent and my 10 person tent. These tents will give you the additional room you need to stow your gear and still have a comfortable nights rest.