A 10 person tent is not for every avid camper or hiker. However, if you are camping with a family or group of friends, you might have need for this tent. In addition to this, people camping out with large amounts of gear may also find this kind of tent useful.

Note of Caution:

Most tent brands do not comfortably hold as many people as they are rated for. For instance, a 4 person tent probably won’t comfortably hold four people and all of their gear. This tent will probably only hold three people comfortably. Of course this will vary based off of the size of the people sleeping in the tent and how much space they need to feel comfortable.

Many of these tents will come with additional rooms built into them. A 10 person tent with a multitude of rooms will either have one entrance or an entrance going into each room. I’d recommend that if you have small children, a single entrance is best. This way you will know that the children are safe in the tent and they will need to pass through your room if they decide to venture out.

Two room tents are also great for those that operate off of slightly different sleeping schedules than their tent mates. This way one room could be used for sleeping while another room is used as a daytime room.

The one room 10 person tent is ideal for those that have large items they are storing in their tent. For example, you might want to have a large table in the center of your tent and you may need the full space of the tent to accomplish this. In this case a two room tent simply would not work.

Many people decide to get the best of both worlds and buy a two room 10 person tent that can be converted into a one room tent. This usually works through the use of a zip down divider. Basically the divider between the two rooms is unzipped to make the tent into a large one room tent.

A Good 10 Person Tent
One of my favorite 10 person tent models is the Columbia Cougar Flats II Family Cabin Dome Tent. This tent sleeps six to ten people and can be either a one room or two room tent. It also has a front awning that you can use as a front porch or simply to shake off the water before going into the tent on rainy days. Since this tent is one of many 4 season tents, it can be used all year round.

What I like about this tent is the interior design. It is large enough that a person of average height can easily walk around unobstructed and the overhead storage and built in cup holders make the tent comfortable and spacious even with all of my gear stowed inside of it.