A 4 person tent is great for short camping trips with a family of four. This being said, I wouldn’t want to be caught in the average four person tent during a rain storm. These tents may have the ability to sleep four people, but they usually will not do so comfortably.

Nevertheless, these tents are perfect for two people and all of their gear. This is especially true if the tent has overhead gear storage space. You’ll also find that they are very comfortable if the third and fourth people are small children. Unfortunately, I’ve never found a 4 person tent that could comfortably accommodate four people and all of their gear for anything other than sleeping. This goes for all types of tents even a 10 person tent will not necessarily comfortably sleep ten people.

When searching for this size tent, always make sure you take into consideration how many people you are actually trying to have sleep in the tent and what kind of gear you will be using. For example, four people may fit inside the tent with sleeping bags, but they certainly will not fit inside of the tent with large air mattresses.

Also, take into consideration how long you plan on actually staying in the tent. In the event of a rain storm, will you wait the rain out or will you head home. If you plan on camping for an extended period of time, you may very well be waiting a few rainstorms out. In this case, you will want to have enough room in your tent to move around. Trust me, waiting out a two day rainstorm with four people in a 4 person tent can be very uncomfortable. I can assure you that you do not want to find this out the hard way.

A Good 4 Person Tent
With all of these considerations in mind, I’d recommend that you take a look at the Eureka Sunrise 9, 4 person tent. This tent is 9×9 and will sleep four people without much trouble. However, I wouldn’t advise using this tent for four people during extended camping trips.

What I like about this tent is that it holds up under all weather conditions incredibly well. I’ve found that the walls are much tighter than most other tents which makes it great even during rainy conditions. This model is just one of Eureka’s 4 season tents. In addition to this, the design makes it easy to maneuver around in the tent. Because it is built squarely, one can stand up and walk around the tent without any trouble.