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Real hot tents
Produced in Russia, our hot tents are designed to offer comfortable shelter even in the most extreme weather conditions.
Premium brand in the industry
Our gear has received outstanding feedback from professional campers and famous bloggers.
Customers first
We provide support and guidance throughout every purchase, and are always in touch answer any questions you may have.
We deliver our products all over the world and offer free shipping to US and Canada.
Outer layer
  • Length – 138″
  • Weight – 77,16 lbs
  • Window – 4 pieces
  • Entrance – 2 pieces
  • Diameter of smoke pipe hole – 1 hole – 3.54”
  • Package dimensions: 1 bag – 78” х 13.78” х 13.78”.

We proudly present the “Pentagon”, our newest tent model. This is an all-weather comfortable living module for 3-5 people. Whether you camp with a group or only two people, this tent provides the comforts of home. At 89,66 square feet, the tent is comparable to an apartment room.

The tent is including the following components: 2 entrances, opening wall, stove jack, 4 triangular viewing windows, ventilation window.

The entrance to the tent is duplicated in 3 layers: an outer awning, a mosquito net, an inner awning. Thanks to this, the tent will be comfortable both in summer and in winter.

The wood stove evenly heats the tent interior.

Triangular windows occupy 1/4 of the tent wall. The windows, as well as the entrance, are duplicated by an external and internal awning, as well as a mosquito net.

The ventilation window is located behind the oven and provides a constant supply of fresh air.

A person of medium height can stand upright anywhere inside the tent.

The pentagon is made in the form of a pentagon with a length of 1 wall 85 inches. We recommend using bunk beds. Installation is an easy process like our UP-series tents. While you’ll need a bit more time to fully install the tent, you’ll get a “comfortable house”.

This is our flagship model, which has received a great response from our customers.

This all-weather tent protects you from the hot summer sun and from severe winter cold. The wood stove helps maintain a comfortable temperature in winter. We’ve recorded a comfortable temperature of 85°+ F inside the tent while -22° F outside. The tent’s inner layer has several hinges useful for drying clothes. You’ll enjoy an unprecedented level of comfort while camping. The innovative, water-resistant Oxford PU 4000 material will keep you dry inside the tent even from the heaviest rain.

The tent frame is made from aviation aluminum alloy B95T1. The frame’s all-metal bars can withstand strong winds and frost. All doors and windows have mosquito nets and reinforced zippers. We started using reinforced zippers especially for winter.

The detachable waterproof floor is a great option for those who love winter fishing. You can drill fishing hole, install the tent above it, and enjoy fishing in warmth and comfort.

We’re sure that our customers will love our new ”Pentagon” tent as much as our other models and are confident it will soon become a bestseller.

All-metal umbrella-type fast installation frame.

The frame’s durability is provided by all-metal bars made of aviation alloy B95T1. This durable, high-strength alloy restores its initial shape even after bearing a heavy load. This feature makes it possible to use our tents in areas with strong winds without fear of frame damage caused by impact. The patented frame opening mechanism is also made from a special aviation alloy to provide the entire frame increased durability and corrosion resistance. Many of our competitors produce coal-plastic tent frames that are susceptible to low temperatures.

The outer layer is manufactured from sturdy, innovative, and water-resistant material, Oxford 300 PU 4000, and the inner layer is manufactured from Oxford 210 PU 2000. The air space between the inner and outer layers significantly decreases condensation and effectively retains interior heat. Additionally, the inner layer is coated with a special water-repellent, and all stitches are glued to provide the ultimate protection from water. This provides our tents superior protection from wind, rain, and snow to keep the tent interior warm and dry.

We pay attention to the safety features of our tents. For cold weather, our tents have all the necessary safety features for using wood stoves inside:

The tent wall near the stove is located a safe distance from the hot surface. This eliminates the need to use fire-resistant material on the wall of this tent model.

The wood stove is equipped with protective metal shields with adjustable clearance. These shields prevent users from accidental burns and the risk of fire in the tent.

  • The smoke pipe hole is made from heat-resistant material capable of withstanding temperature up to 2192° F and is equipped with stainless steel rings.
  • The tension rope hooks have light-reflecting elements that are highly visible to car and snowmobile drivers from a distance to prevent accidents.
  • The tent also has four 5-layer windows for ventilation. The windows’ transparent layers are made of frost-resistant PVC (polyvinyl-chloride) and can be used up to – 58° F.
  • The standard packaging includes a zippered floor that can be attached to the tent’s interior above ground level. This floor provides excellent protection from insects and snakes in warm weather and from water in rainy weather.

Because we are committed to continually improving our product, we encourage feedback from our customers to implement improvements and add new features to our product.

We hope you are as confident about the quality and safety of our product as we are!

  • Outer tent, inner tent with floor, frame
  • Legs for folding wall – 2 pieces
  • Tent-pegs – 1 set
  • Detachable organizer with Velcro fastener – 3 pieces
  • Detachable pocket with Velcro fastener – 3 pieces
  • Fire-resistant stove mat – 1 piece
  • Tension rope – 164.04”
  • Dome net shelf – 2 piece
  • Bag – 1 piece
  • Spare parts kit – 1 piece
  • User’s manual and warranty card – 1 piece

Russian spirit in men’s leisure

Designed and produced in Russia, Pentagon is made to protect you from the frost, wind and rain. It provides you unique comfort when you camp.
-100°F — The lowest temperature the tent can withstand
49 mph — The highest wind speed the tent can withstand


How can I be sure that your products are of high quality?
Our whole team has vast experience in the sphere of camping, and we know exactly what every camper needs. Our camping gear is produced in Russia, and can withstand the most extreme weather conditions due to reliable materials and constructors’ expertise. We have been on the market for almost 2 years, and throughout the time we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from buyers and influencers. Our customers’ satisfaction is and always will be our number 1 priority, whether it comes to the gear we sell or the service we provide.
What material is the Pentagon tent made of?
The tent’s outer layer is made of sturdy, innovative, and water-resistant material, Oxford 300 PU 4000, and the inner layer is manufactured from Oxford 210 PU 2000. The inner layer is coated with water-repellent, which provides great protection from water in case of rain, snow or wind. The air space between the inner and outer layers ensures great insulation and effectively retains heat inside the tent.
Is there any protection against insects in the tent?
Yes, the Pentagon tent provides great protection against mosquitoes and other insects. The entrance to the tent and all windows are equipped with mosquito nets to ensure that insects do not bother you during the trip, and your experience can be as comfortable and relaxing as possible.
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